M.A.P.A(Moving Audible Personalized of Art.)


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JJCUPER represents a new trend whose intention is that the observer/owner participates in the work.  The owner is confronted with a personalized and changing creation which he or she may modify as time goes by and which is based on humour and irreverence: “Let’s make the studious seem simple, the complex natural and art a little more normal.  I would like to unite art and poetry with the sensorial. Let the intellectual be more approachable and art a little more of a daily occurrence.”

His sculptures, small in size, are made from natural wood and incorporate varied materials and objects from daily life, which are given another meaning in their new context: from a clip or an earring to  magnets or solar powered micro-motors.  These “ingredients” allow the sculpture to smell, change colour or produce sound and have moveable and interchangeable elements, which transform the overall perception of the work to the extent that the user activates them.

In this line of maximum personalization the purchaser may incorporate his or her preferred objects, photos, memory-jolting or identity-recording artefacts in what is transformed into the owner’s own sculpture, placing the author’s original idea in harmony with the personal style and world of the user/receiver.

Each piece is unique and unrepeatable, based on an idea or a feeling that the author wishes to communicate.  Each sculpture has its individual microchip which identifies the piece and constitutes its DNA




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